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10th Grade Checklist

Remind 101  

  • Sign up to receive reminders from the CCC. Text to the number 81010, and in the message, type @midtown26.


  • Continue to work hard and do your best—grades matter, both for getting into colleges and for getting scholarships. If you need extra help, ask your teacher.

  • Take challenging courses.

✔ Tests

  • All Midtown 10th graders take the PSAT in October during the school day. Don’t stress about your score right now, but pay attention to it—what do you need to work on before taking it again next year? You can link your results to Kahn Academy for targeted practice.

  • Consider taking both the ACT and SAT in June. Don’t prep, just see which you prefer and which you do better on (you can either take the actual tests or take free practice tests online). A bad score will not affect your college admission chances; colleges consider only your best score. Decide now which test to focus on, then prep and take it again junior year.

  • If you’re taking any AP classes, study so you will do well on the AP test at the end of the year. A good grade may get you out of certain college classes, which saves you money!

✔ Activities

  • Stay involved and think about how to move into a leadership position next year. Does your participation make a difference for the club, school, or organization?

✔ College Visits

  • More than 150 colleges visit the CCC every year. Freshmen are welcome! Find out who’s coming through Remind 101 texts, the Knightly News, the board outside CCC, or our website.

  • Think about scheduling visits to colleges on fall or spring break.

  • Visit local colleges just to get a sense of different campuses.

✔ Resume

  • If you haven’t already, start a resume. It’s nothing more than a list of high school activities. Download a template from the CCC website and add to it as you go.

  • Having a resume can also help you identify gaps you might need to fill.

✔ Summer

  • Use your time well. Volunteer (try to complete your community service hours), read, or get a part-time job.

  • If you’re interested in a particular career field, see if you can get an internship over the summer. Start inquiring in early spring.

  • Colleges also care about work you do in your home, such as caring for younger siblings.

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