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9th Grade Checklist

Remind 101  

  • Sign up to receive reminders from the CCC. Text to the number 81010, and in the message line, type @midtown27.


  • Have you started your college application yet? No? Actually, you have, because all your grades from high school will go on your transcript, which is one of the most important parts of your application. Grades matter now, so study hard and do your best. But don’t panic if your freshman grades are lower than you want—just make sure you bring any low grades up.

  • Plan to take some AP classes in grades 10, 11, and 12—colleges care not only about your grades but also about whether you challenged yourself.

✔ Tests

  • Don’t stress about the SAT and ACT yet. Freshmen have the option to take the PSAT in October, which is good practice (it matters more in 11th grade).

  • For free SAT prep (which will also help you prepare for the PSAT), visit the Kahn Academy website.

✔ Activities

  • Midtown High offers lots of clubs, sports, and activities, so jump in and try some out. Your goal is to find an activity or two that you really enjoy; deep involvement with a few things is much better than a long list of things you tried briefly. Remember, your main activities may not be at school—they could be with church, another outside group, or a job.

  • Colleges won’t really care what you did, only that you spent your time engaged in something you care about and not just playing video games or watching TikTok.

✔ College Visits

  • More than 150 colleges visit the CCC every year. Freshmen are welcome! Find out who’s coming through Remind 101 texts, the Knightly News, the board outside CCC, or our website.

  • If you’re on vacation, visit a nearby college to get a sense of whether you prefer small or large, urban or rural, etc.

✔ Resume

  • Go ahead and start a resume. It’s nothing more than a list of high school activities. Download a template from the CCC website and add to it as you go.

  • Having a resume can also help you identify gaps you might need to fill.

✔ Summer

  • Use your time well. Volunteer (complete your community service hours done early!), read, get a part-time job, or research something that interests you, like American Sign Language or how to build a computer.

  • Expensive summer programs are fine, but not at all necessary.

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